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You Are The Universe And You are Loved Most! That's why its called the "YOUniverse!" This Universe bracelet contains stones representing each planet in the solar system. Every stone has its own healing properties and together they form the most beautiful, powerful, and magical healing bracelet. A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


Mercury - Milky Quartz: Activates all other stones, amplifies compassion, understanding, and cooperation.

Venus - Tiger's Eye: Inspires action and personal power

Earth - Sodalite: Promotes perception and mental clarity

Mars - Cherry Quartz: True love for yourself and the Divine. Transmutes strong emotion like anger and anxiety.

Jupiter - Rodanite: Guides you on the road to sharing your gifts.

Saturn - Jasper: Tranquility for whole self, mind, body, and spirit

Uranus - Labradorite: Helps temper nagative emotions

Neptune - Aquamarine: Calming stone. Activates intuition and inner wisdom

Pluto- Banded Agate: Promotes self confidence and balance. Transmutes sorrow and guilt.

The Lava stone connects you to the ancient Hawaiian healing method and Ho’Oponopono prayer that promotes assertive energy and passion towards forgiveness and your own healing. It's a grounding stone and gives strength and stability through times of change. Providing guidance and understanding from the ancestors.

Planet Healing Stone Bracelet

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