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Every Spread Hope Send Love Around The World – The Power Of One Movement CD comes with a challenge chip created with the intention of serving as a physical reminder to encourage those who are struggling with thoughts of suicide to always “Remember their reason to stay” To be a treasure of hope and love for those who are lost in darkness and/or a keepsake to inspire us all to live life to the fullest in honor of our loved ones we’ve lost to suicide. We are also excited to announce that our sponsors Building Reasons And Dreams and The Diamond Discovery have made it possible for us to Spread Hope Send Love Around The World in the true spirit of paying it forward. There will be a buy one get one free experience for each beautiful soul who purchases a CD and chip, giving them the opportunity to gift the 2nd CD and chip to someone they feel is in need of the love, light, and hope of The Power Of One Movement.

CD w/ Challenge Chip

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